Comments about Rockabye:

Brilliant! Made me feel at ease straight away, listened to me and made me feel like I’m not alone!

It’s been good to meet people, get out the house and be able to spend quality time with my baby.

It’s given me confidence to go out and be part of a group.

Baby has become really sociable and he really enjoys the music!

Lovely, supportive team

I’ve enjoyed Talk Time and listening to other mums’ experiences. I’ve enjoyed the hour session to bond with my baby without distractions.

Comments about Antenatal Rockabye:

Very, very helpful and very nurturing.

Course leaders were fab, knowledgeable, kind open and caring. It was well-structured while not feeling rushed. Loved it!

Really helpful to hear and be heard.

Lovely – a good opportunity to focus on the kind of messages you want to give your baby.

It was just the non-judgement of everything.

I just didn’t feel a connection (with my baby) and Antenatal Rockabye helped me to feel connected, and I don’t feel as worried.