Meet the team

Katy Taylor

Katy Taylor

Katy Taylor: trainer and supervisor

I am a Core Process Psychotherapist, registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. I am experienced in working with adults struggling with anxiety, trauma and depression including post-natal depression.

I was drawn to the work of Rockabye because of my strong belief that nourishing the relationship between a parent and baby offers the baby the best chance in life, and it’s good for the parent’s wellbeing too. I trust in the basic health and wisdom of all people, adults and babies alike. This health and wisdom often get obscured by life’s knocks, but they are there.

I also feel the experience of babies often gets dismissed or overlooked in our culture. I love Rockabye because it offers parents a non-judgemental space in which to offload and be listened to, a chance to wonder about what their baby might be experiencing, as well as lots of opportunity for parents and babies to enjoy each other’s company.

I struggled postnatally with extreme anxiety and would have appreciated a group like Rockabye. With my third child I attended Lucy Livingstone’s Storydance group, which was the same format as Rockabye, and found it very nurturing.

Clare Beckell

Clare Beckell

Clare Beckell: trainer and supervisor

I am a Play Therapist working with children who have experienced early trauma and attachment difficulties. Through this work, I came to understand the importance of the parent-infant relationship. A securely attached baby grows into a securely attached child who in turn grows into an adult who makes positive contributions to the world around her.

Rockabye is a safe space for parents to explore the difficulties of parenting and for them to nourish their connection with their babies.

I experienced Postnatal Depression with my first child. It was a lonely and frightening time. I am passionate about Rockabye as I firmly  believe it can make a powerful difference to the lives of parents and babies.

Lucy Livingstone

Lucy Livingstone

Lucy Livingstone (1962-2014)

Lucy was the founder of Rockabye. She was a Dance Movement Psychotherapist, who had a love of playfulness, singing and movement. Through her own experience of having children, and seeing the needs of other parents, she wanted to set up a group that would support the connection that was there between parent and baby.

Lucy’s philosophy was always to support what is working between parent and baby, to look for the health, to nourish shared joy and companionship.

Lucy handed the work on to us when she knew she was dying. Before she became too ill to work, we witnessed how she led Rockabye with a combination of steadfast depth and a light touch. To us she felt unrockable and unshockable and yet she was human, humorous, and self-deprecating. She was strong, clear and gentle. Lucy was an inspiration to us and we try to run Rockabye according to Lucy’s vision for it.