Antenatal Rockabye

Antenatal Rockabye is a small 6-week group which gives you the chance to reflect on your hopes and fears about becoming a parent.

During the sessions you can take time to enjoy your pregnancy and connect with your baby through relaxation exercises and creative activities.

Perhaps the journey to becoming pregnant has been difficult or maybe there were problems with a past pregnancy that makes this pregnancy challenging. You might be feeling anxious or depressed during your pregnancy and would like some support in managing the emotional impact of pregnancy.

Antenatal Rockabye offers a safe and supportive atmosphere in which you can reflect on some of these issues and explore anything that might get in the way of you connecting with your baby.

Comments from people who have attended past groups:

‘Very, very helpful and very nurturing.’

‘I just didn’t feel a connection (with my baby) and Antenatal Rockabye helped me to feel connected, and I don’t feel as worried.’

The sessions have proved really valuable in my pregnancy journey. Being able to meet other expecting mothers, having time to talk about and listen to each other’s experiences in a well guided and non-judgemental setting. And simply having the time and space to focus on the connection between yourself and baby.’

Forthcoming Antenatal Rockabye groups open for bookings:

For our group at Bedminster Children’s Centre, starting on Tuesday 14th May 2024, please contact


Antenatal Rockabye was a runner up for the 2017 Analeaf Award for Exceptional Infant Mental Health Service Provision.